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Glazewing Waste Management – Environment Agency Information Sheet

The Environment Agency have produced an information sheet relating to Glazewing Waste Management following the second occurrence of a fly infestation throughout the village.

Please click here to read a copy of this sheet.

Useful Contact Numbers to Report Smells and Flies

If you wish to contact anyone about reporting Smells and Flies please CLICK HERE for further information.

Farm Tenancy Vacancy

Please see the advert below in respect of the Farm Tenancy Vacancy in West Dereham:


Goods Vehicle Operating Licence – Bath Road, West Dereham

Extract from Friday’s Lynn News (17 February 2017)

The ‘new occupants’ are applying to keep three good vehicles and three trailers at Hill House Farm and representation has to be made within 21 days.

Responses in writing to the address below by 10 March 2017.
Traffic Commissioners Officer
Hillcrest House
386 Harehills Lane

Notice of Electors’ Rights

Click here to view the PDF file.

Correspondence between Grange Farm and West Dereham Parish Council

Please click on the links below to see a letter received by the Parish Council from Grange Farm and the reply issued by the Parish Council:

letter received from R and C Mellor Ltd

Grange Farm Reply

Free NHS checks

Please click on the link below to see details of free NHS checks which are available to the 40-74 age group.

Free NHS checks poster

Police warn residents to secure sheds

There have been a number of reports of shed break-ins across Kings Lynn in recent weeks and therefore it is important that residents continue to remain vigilant and take appropriate security measures.

Homeowners can take a few simple crime prevention measures to prevent being targeted by opportunistic thieves.

  • Fit good quality locks on the door, preferably two locks should be fitted 1/3 up and 1/3 down on the door.  Alternatively use a shed bar to increase security.
  • Do not neglect the hinge either side and use security screws or bolts through their fixings.
  • Secure the windows with a weld mesh or similar product secured from the inside or if that’s not possible fit curtains or blinds to obscure shed contents.
  • If your storage area is within sight or earshot, fit a security light or use a shed alarm to deter thieves.
  • If possible remove all high value items from your shed and store them in the home
  • Use a padlock and chain to secure items such as lawn mowers to a heavy anchor point, and cable alarms can be used to link several items together
  • Keep a list of everything of value with make and model details and serial numbers along with photographs if possible

Sergeant Don Cormican has also issued further advice: “I would strongly urge anyone leaving any items of value in sheds or garages to get their property marked, whether it’s electronically or through DNA technology, which involves microdots with unique reference numbers which link to your house and can be detected using a UV light.

“Most shed breaks are carried out by opportunist thieves, therefore please ensure that you lock and secure your shed and garage. In the meantime, I would urge residents to be vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour to police on 101 or call 999 if you believe a crime is in progress.”

For further crime prevention advice, and for more information about local security marking events, please visit

Thinking Fuel Oil Buying Scheme

Residents can benefit from the above scheme that the Parish Council joined last year.

This scheme means that residents can purchase cheaper oil through this bulk order syndicate scheme. On average, the scheme is supposed to save members around 9% on the market price, equivalent to 6 pence per litre or £120 a year based on 2,000 litres.

For full information click here.


Elections 2015

West Dereham Parish Election Results

The West Dereham Parish Council elections 2015 will be uncontested as the current 7 Councillors were the only nominees for the seats. Uncontested elections result in all nominees being duly elected on 7 May. Please click on the link to the PDF file above for a more detailed look at the results.

Borough Council Election Results

The Borough Council elections will also be uncontested as there was only 1 nominee for the seat (Sandra Squire from Outwell). Uncontested elections result in all nominees being duly elected on 7 May. Please click on the link to the PDF file above for a more detailed look at the result.

Persons Nominated – South West Norfolk

Please click on the link above to view the statement of persons nominated in the election for South West Norfolk’s MP in the forthcoming parliamentary elections.