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Thinking Fuel Oil Buying Scheme

Residents can benefit from the above scheme that the Parish Council joined last year.

This scheme means that residents can purchase cheaper oil through this bulk order syndicate scheme. On average, the scheme is supposed to save members around 9% on the market price, equivalent to 6 pence per litre or £120 a year based on 2,000 litres.

For full information click here.


Elections 2015

West Dereham Parish Election Results

The West Dereham Parish Council elections 2015 will be uncontested as the current 7 Councillors were the only nominees for the seats. Uncontested elections result in all nominees being duly elected on 7 May. Please click on the link to the PDF file above for a more detailed look at the results.

Borough Council Election Results

The Borough Council elections will also be uncontested as there was only 1 nominee for the seat (Sandra Squire from Outwell). Uncontested elections result in all nominees being duly elected on 7 May. Please click on the link to the PDF file above for a more detailed look at the result.

Persons Nominated – South West Norfolk

Please click on the link above to view the statement of persons nominated in the election for South West Norfolk’s MP in the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

Recent Application by Glazewing Ltd.

The letter below has been delivered to all residents in Station Road who live near the Glazewing site.

Letter to Residents Detailing the Application
A Guide to Making Representations

If you have a problem with noise or smell you can report this to Community Safety & Neighbourhood Nuisance (CSNN) at the Borough Council on 01553 616200 or by email on

Broadband Update: March 2015

Karen O’Kane, the Better Broadband for Norfolk (BBfN) Programme Director, attended the meeting of the Parish Council on March 3rd, and gave a presentation explaining some of the problems that have held up installing better broadband in West Dereham recently.

Click here to view the PDF version of her powerpoint presentation which provides some useful diagrams and explanations of the problems they hope to resolve by the end of 2015.

Mobile Library

The mobile library service that visits the parish has rescheduled a number of its routes and published new dates for all its services.

You can find the routes and dates by clicking here.

Thinking Fuel – Oil Buying Scheme

The Parish Council has now joined the Thinking Fuel oil buying scheme which means that residents can now benefit from cheaper oil prices through this bulk order syndicate scheme. The syndicate operates once a month to balance convenience with savings, and every user pays the same regardless of the volume they order. Fuel can be ordered at any other time under the day price, and there is no obligation to buy. The scheme can also accommodate special delivery requirements – such as needing long hoses, small tankers, or arranging access – so long as they are outlined when ordering.

On average, the scheme is supposed to save members around 9% on the market price, equivalent to 6 pence per litre or £120 a year based on 2,000 litres.

Further details are available by viewing the Thinking Fuel Flyer and the registration form can be downloaded here: Registration Form

‘Choose Me, Not A&E’ Campaign

A high-profile campaign has been launched across West Norfolk and the Wisbech area to help people choose the right NHS service for them. The ‘Choose Me Not A&E’ campaign aims to provide people with vital information about which health care service is right for the symptoms they have.

Figures show that about 250 people a month attend A&E at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King’s Lynn (QEH), but are sent home requiring no treatment. This means, every year, about 3,000 local people wait for hours in A&E when they could have got quicker and more appropriate treatment closer to home. Not only are residents wasting hours of their valuable time waiting, but they potentially block access to services for other people in more urgent need.

The Choose Me Not A&E campaign is being led by NHS West Norfolk Clinical Commissioning Group and Wisbech Local Commissioning Group in collaboration with the QEH.

Dr Ian Mack, Chair of West Norfolk CCG, said: “This campaign has a powerful, local message: Help the QEH save lives this winter. We want people to understand that A&E is for serious, life-threatening emergencies only. Inappropriate use of A&E increases waiting times for those patients who are genuinely in need of urgent medical attention. “Many people could easily be treated by a local pharmacist, GP, or even just by staying at home and looking after yourself. Our message is simple – if it’s not a serious medical emergency, A&E is not the right choice.”

“If you are not sure which service to use log on to our new website to find out more, or pick up one of the campaign leaflets to see your options. You can also use the NHS 111 number which can put you in touch with the best service for you.”

The first defence against ill health is self-care and prevention. Here are some top tips from local GPs for staying healthy over the winter:

  • Eat healthily – food is vital for keeping you warm.
  • Take some exercise – we know it’s getting cold but even staying active in your home makes a difference.
  • Wrap up warm when you go outside – it’s often a good idea to layer your clothing.
  • Stock up on medicines – paracetamol, aspirin, ibuprofen decongestant and aspirin.
  • Get a flu jab – the vaccine is free for those in an eligible group. To find out if you are in an eligible group visit
  • Keep your home warm – your main living room should be between around 18-21C (65-70F) and the rest of the house at a minimum of 16C (61F). For more information about Warm and Well visit

Living Independently in Later Years (LILY)

LILY is an online directory for West Norfolk that brings together information about a wide range of activities, services, advice and guidance, primarily for the over 65s, providing an easy-to-access, easy-to-use reference and signposting guide.

The LILY directory is arranged into ten simple-to-search categories and there are useful filters and quick links that make finding information quick and easy. Whether you’re looking for a club or activity close by, perhaps you want travel or mobility advice, or maybe you need tips for managing your money; LILY can help! If you’re concerned about staying safe, worried about having a fall, or if you’re at home caring for someone: LILY can help you to find the advice and help you may need to help make your life a little easier.

If you don’t have a computer, or find it easier to discuss things over the phone, you can still access all the information in the LILY directory by calling 01553 616200 and speaking to a member of the Council’s Customer Services team.

For more information see the LILY Leaflet (October 2014) or click here.

Press Release

Click here to view the press release published on regarding a recent court case involving Glazewing Ltd.

Recycling Revolution

Please find information and links below explaining the changes to the kerbside recycling service which will come into effect across Norfolk on 1 October 2014.

The new initiative has already been launched in the media, and from 22 September the campaign artwork for Norfolk’s Recycling Revolution will start to appear all over Norfolk. The Recycle For Norfolk website will be updated with all the information you will need and information will also be delivered direct to every resident in the next few weeks.

Join Norfolk’s recycling revolution!

People have for some time demanded a kerbside collection for glass jars and bottles, plastic food trays, tubs and pots and cartons. Thanks to a new contract, negotiated by all the councils in Norfolk, it is now possible to recycle your glass bottles and jars and a whole new range of clean food and drink containers by simply placing them in your green recycling bin (or recycling bag if you have a bagged collection). These items are then transformed into useful, saleable materials!

This change, which is happening across Norfolk from October 1, has been made possible as the material recycling facility at Costessey has been extended and upgraded with cutting edge equipment to enable a wider range of materials to be processed.

Cllr Brian Long, Cabinet Member for Environment said: “This is a really exciting development and something that residents have wanted for a long time.  By working with the other districts and NORSE, we have been able to secure a contract that means a whole host of materials can now be recycled via your kerbside collection service.  Recycling will be a whole lot easier for people and should help us all reduce the amount of waste that gets sent to landfill.  All we ask is that people rinse food from bottles, jars and plastic tubs before placing them loose in their bins.”

Support the Recycling Revolution campaign on twitter by using the hashtag #RecyclingRevolution.  For more information visit Recycle For Norfolk, or follow the links below.

Recycling Revolution Press Release
Revolution Flyer