Cemetery Information

West Dereham Cemetery

Garden of Remembrance Ashes

Garden of Rememberance


Rules Relating to Cemetery Monuments

Cemetery regulations are necessary to comply with the law, to enable contractors to carry out their duties safely and efficiently and to maintain a suitable environment for the bereaved to lay to rest their loved ones and to continue to pay their respects in a peaceful setting.

All designs for memorials and inscriptions thereon must conform to Cemetery Regulations and must be approved by the Parish Council at a public meeting.

Please click here to view full Cemetery Regulations.

Burial Fees (2017)

Parishioner Non-Parishioner
Burial of still born No fee £250.00
Burial of child under 12 years No fee £250.00
Burial (over 12 years) £250.00 £1000.00
Purchase of EROB* for burial plot £150.00 £600.00
Interment of Cremated ashes £130.00 £520.00
Purchase of EROB* for cremation plot £100.00 £400.00
Erection of headstone £150.00 £300.00
Additional inscription £100.00 £200.00

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