Thinking Fuel – Oil Buying Scheme

The Parish Council has now joined the Thinking Fuel oil buying scheme which means that residents can now benefit from cheaper oil prices through this bulk order syndicate scheme. The syndicate operates once a month to balance convenience with savings, and every user pays the same regardless of the volume they order. Fuel can be ordered at any other time under the day price, and there is no obligation to buy. The scheme can also accommodate special delivery requirements – such as needing long hoses, small tankers, or arranging access – so long as they are outlined when ordering.

On average, the scheme is supposed to save members around 9% on the market price, equivalent to 6 pence per litre or £120 a year based on 2,000 litres.

Further details are available by viewing the Thinking Fuel Flyer and the registration form can be downloaded here: Registration Form

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