Police Connect

Local Police Service contacts 

Policing in West Dereham is covered by the Watlington Safer Neighbourhood Team. The neighbourhood covers a large rural area of villages to the south of King’s Lynn in West Norfolk.

Contact details for the team can be found here.

Keep Your Property Safe – Follow the 9PM Routine 

Advice from Norfolk Constabulary

Are you keeping your property safe? Are you sure that you have locked everything up?

If you are finding that occasionally you are forgetting to lock up in an evening before going to bed why not set up the 9pm Routine.

Set an alarm for 9pm and follow these simple rules:

1. Make sure the car/van is locked.

2. Make sure all windows are shut and locked.

3. Make sure all doors are locked.

4. Make sure all outbuildings/sheds are locked.



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