Parish Notices

The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on-line using the Zoom platform – Thursday 1st October 2020 at 7pm.  

If you wish to join the on-line meeting held on the Zoom platform, the link is as follows:

Zoom weblink :

Meeting link details:

Meeting ID: 950 4255 8788   Passcode: 084939


Coronavirus information

Please go to the Coronavirus tab (top row above, 3rd from left)

New information

Norfolk Assistance Scheme – A fund support those struggling in the community

Community Action Norfolk – Creating a safe support network for the lonely and isolated.

Keep Your Property Safe ! – Follow the 9PM Routine

Further information on the Police Connect tab above.


This includes local information of businesses and companies offering food and provisions, some with deliveries to those in West Dereham

Beware of TV Licensing Scams

TV Licensing has started sending letters to anyone aged over 75 asking them to either pay for their TV licence or apply for a free one. These will include your licence number, your title and your last name and they will only ask you to pay using the following options:

If you are contacted and asked to pay for your TV licence using any other method, this is a scam, as are the following:

  • anyone coming to your doorstep
  • texts offering a free TV licence for a year and asking for your bank details
  • emails claiming you owe money to the TVLA and to go online to pay it. Some emails also state you could go to court if you don’t pay.
  • Letters supposedly from Television Licensing saying your details need updating because there is a problem and asking you to go online to enter them.

If you’re unsure about anything, you can call TV Licensing on 0300 303 9695 to speak with someone who can help.


West Dereham Parish Council Annual Accounts for the year 2019-20

Exercise of Public Rights – Year ending 31st March 2020

Each year the Council’s Annual Return is audited by an auditor appointed by Public Sector Audit Appointments Limited. Any person interested has the right to inspect and make copies of the accounts to be audited and all books, deeds, contracts, bills, vouchers and receipts relating to them. For the year ended 31 March 2020 these documents will be available on reasonable notice on application to the Parish Clerk.

This year as a result of the Coronavirus emergency, the Parish Council will apply to the External Auditor for a deferred submission date (set at 31st July 2020).

On application from the Parish Council, the submission date has been extended to 31st August 2020. The date for review of the Parish Accounts has been extended to 23rd September 2020.

Please see Exercise of Public Rights 2020 and other financial records on the Parish Council website section headed Policies and Documents under Audit 2019/20.

External Auditors Contact Details:

PKF Littlejohn LLP
15 Westferry Circus, Canary Wharf London E14 4HD


There are are no current emergencies.

See Temporary Road and Pathway Closure Notices tab on 2nd row above, 1st from left for more details and local area map.

Downham Market Library: open Tuesday to Friday 10am to 6pm, Saturday 1pm to 4pm. Closed Sunday and Monday.


The Wereham (Crimplesham) Recycling Centre has re-opened

Please go to the “Useful Links” tab more more detailed information provided by Norfolk County Council about  observing precautionary measures being put in place. Worth a read to avoid a potentially wasted visit.



There has been a recent increase in the number of incidents of fly tipping around the village.

Please register any sitings on the Borough of Kings Lynn & West Norfolk website or contact the Parish Clerk. Further details and advice with links can be found on the ‘Useful Links’ tab above. (middle row, 2nd from right).

Advice received  from the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk about bonfires and loud music


Complaints about bonfires are more than double what they were at this time last year, and noise and loud music nuisance complaints are nearly three times as high as they were 12 months ago. 

We are asking people to be considerate and respectful to their neighbours and think twice about the impact certain activities might have on others whilst we are all staying home more than usual.”


Each month the Parish Council places a notice in village magazine or newsletter, which is delivered free to all residents. Our notice provides parishioners with information on the next Parish Council meeting and other items of information that the Parish Council feel will be useful to people living in our community.

Please see below for links to previous notices. If you wish to see copies of notices prior to this then please contact the Clerk on the details at the right hand side of the page.

West Dereham Parish Council

Parish Clerk: Peter King, Kingscroft, Basil Road, West Dereham, PE33 9RP

Tel: 01366 502110

Email: [email protected]


Your guide to … being scam aware.  Norfolk County Council provides a range of useful information. You can even go on-line and receive NCC’s Alerts and Trading Standards information by email.

Here is a link to a handy leaflet that is packed full of useful information and further contact details.

LOCAL TRANSPORT – Information Update (2nd April 2020)

The Travel & Transport Department of Norfolk County Council have released some new public transport information

This is to assist with finding the latest information about what public transport services are operating in the area.  This document offers links to the most up to date source of information. It is understood that operators have been changing services at relatively short notice as they react to government guidance and the latest situation.

In addition, if a member of the public in Norfolk is having trouble accessing essential services or supplies they should call call 0344 800 8020.

It should be noted that unfortunately most bus stop information on street will not necessarily be up to date.


Mick George Limited (December 2019)

Following attendance at the December 2019 Parish Council meeting, Mick George Ltd have provided the following contact details:-

The Mick George Ltd Community Trust Fund

Stuart Costello (Marketing Director) can be contacted to offer information in respect of the workings of the MGL Community Trust Fund:-

[email protected]
Tel: 01480 499158

Concerns or complaints to Mick George Ltd.

For any concerns or complaints about the site operations, please contact:-

[email protected]
Tel: 01480 498907


Annual Precept – December 2019

The Precept is the Parish Council’s share of the Council Tax. This was discussed and set at the Parish Council meeting held on 5th December when it was agreed that the Precept should remain at the same rate as the current year 2019/20.

Norfolk County Council – Minerals and Waste Local Plan (October 2019)

Preferred Options Consultation –

The NCC Minerals and Waste Local Plan (MWLP) will contain policies used to determine planning applications for minerals developments and waste management facilities in Norfolk and will cover the period up to the year 2036. When adopted, it will replace the existing MWLP documents.

West Dereham is one of the areas affected by this consultation as one of the potential preferred options to create a mineral quarry. This is located on a piece of land at the northern end of Lime Kiln Road, where it joins A134, running westwards to link to the existing quarries at the eastern end of Crimplesham.

Full details of the proposed sites, site assessments and policies are contained within the Preferred Options document, which is available on Norfolk County Council’s website at on the ‘Norfolk Minerals and Waste Local Plan Review’ page. The West Dereham site has the reference ‘MIN32‘.

Noise Complaints

There have been some recent complaints of noisy neighbours in the village and details have been passed onto the Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk Community Safety and Neighbourhood Nuisance Team. The Team request that any noise concerns are reported to them using the following weblink: 

Looking for ideas for things to do with the children locally  See the link to Norfolk County Council’s Children’s Activities and Services in West Norfolk “Help Hub”


West Dereham Parish Council Annual Accounts for the year 2018-19

Exercise of Public Rights – Year ending 31st March 2019

Each year the Council’s Annual Return is audited by an auditor appointed by Public Sector Audit Appointments Limited. Any person interested has the right to inspect and make copies of the accounts to be audited and all books, deeds, contracts, bills, vouchers and receipts relating to them. For the year ended 31 March 2019 these documents will be available on reasonable notice on application to the Parish Clerk. Please see Exercise of Public Rights 2019 and other financial records on the Parish Council website section headed Policies and Documents under Audit 2018/19.



The Ward of Denver – Borough Elections

Alan Thomas Holmes, independent candidate was elected to the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk with 59% of the vote cast. See Link to the ‘Declaration of Results’

Notice of Uncontested Election – West Dereham Parish Council

List of Elected Parish Councillors to West Dereham Parish Council
See Link to Parish Notice.

Changes to Mobile Library Service in West Dereham (May 2019)

Please note the Mobile Library is changing its visiting times to West Dereham.

The service will will continue to operate next visit  at the Telephone Box, Church Road PE33 9RE between 11.45 and 12.00 noon on every fourth Friday.

Full local villages timetable click on the following  Link


Riverside Nurseries (March 2019)

Riverside Nurseries have a new manager – Brendan Henry

If you become concerned about odours around the village that you think might be connected with the growing of medicinal cannabis at British Sugar’s Riverside Nurseries, Please contact Brendan on 01366 325614 or email [email protected]


Reporting Fly Infestations – Latest Information (18th October 2018)

The latest information received by Parish Councillors is that the Environment Agency still maintain the local situation is under control.

Residents are now encouraged to report incidents to
the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk

The telephone number to call is 01553 616200 and the case reference is 18/05251.  The department dealing with the matter is the
Community Safety and Neighbourhood Nuisance team.

Fly infestations can still be reported to the Environment Agency Hotline:
Tel: 0800 807060

Here But Not Here

Please click here to view a flyer about a commemoration event for the West Dereham Branch of the Royal British Legion, being held in the Village Hall on Sunday 14th October 2018.


The Parish Council is again asking local residents to resist any possible temptation to deposit unrequired garden vegetation such as grass or plant cuttings or indeed any other matter into the local ditches and therefore help towards the reduction of filled ditches and the potential of flooding.

New advice on Contacting Norfolk Police (July 2018)

See attached guide (here) from Norfolk Police as to new ways of reporting offences. Also go to the Police Connect tab at top of page for latest information about local Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel Meetings

West Dereham Village Signs (August 2018)
The Parish Council have agreed to take the first steps towards replacing both of the current Village Signs. This will have to take place over a period of time due to the costs involved. If any Parishioners would like consider a feature of West Dereham village life that they think would be a fitting addition to the signs’ designs then please send your ideas to the Parish Clerk.

Incident in Ryston Road (July 2018)
The Parish Council have been made aware of an isolated incident where an
attempt was made to lure a woman into a blue car in the early hours of a morning. It was reported to the Police and should appear on the Norfolk Police crime Web page for Watlington in due course. Parishioners are requested to be vigilant at all times.

Any problems in the Village?
Do you have a problem in the village that should be brought to the attention of the Parish Council? Please contact the Parish Clerk.

West Dereham Cemetery Regulations 2018

The Parish Council has recently revised and expanded the West Dereham Cemetery Regulations. Amongst several updates there is now a section for the first time that includes the new Natural Burial Area and fees. The Natural Burial Area is located at the east end (Bath Road) of the Cemetery.

The new Regulations can be found on the Parish Council website (here) and Parishioners are requested to carefully read them. The regulations are sensitive and need to be respected and will be upheld by the Village Handyman on behalf of the Parish Council.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Data Protection policies and procedures are being updated throughout the UK to include additional requirements of GDPR from 25th May 2018. The Parish Council is updating their procedures.  if anyone would not like their contact details held (which the Parish Council will only have if they have contacted us) they should contact the Parish Clerk in writing/by email.

Vacant Allotment plots

The Parish Council currently still has vacant plots at the allotment site in Hilgay Road Plots are available in various sizes from a full plot of 72 yards by 11 yards and also as a half, quarter or eighth of a plot. Annual rent is £30 per full plot, £20 per half plot, £15 per quarter plot or £10 per eighth plot.

Tenants also pay an initial deposit of £100 for a full plot, £75 for a half plot, £50 for a quarter plot and £25 for an eighth plot, to cover the cost of rotivating a plot left in poor condition. Further information on the tenancy agreement is available on the Parish Council website or by contacting the Clerk.

Please be on your guard…

It is time of the year when you head out into the garden. Please consider the security of your shed and garage ensuring that lawnmowers, any mechanical and electrical tools are safely locked away when not is use.

Please be aware of…

Local Police have expressed concern regarding the possibility of heating oil thefts. There have been reported incidents of old oil tankers being purchased and then used for thefts of heating oil, so onlookers would assume oil was being delivered rather than stolen.

We also note that a white van bearing writing on its side panels and a German number plate is circulating in the area and reported to be behaving suspiciously.

Rogue Trader Alert – Doorstep cold callers offering ‘Roof and Gutter cleaning services’

Warning for residents to be on their guard after receiving reports of a doorstep cold caller in the Downham Market area (7th February) offering ‘roof and gutter cleaning services’.  Trading Standards advises to never deal with cold callers looking to undertake work on or around your property.  If you are looking to have this type of work done, only deal with reputable companies you have researched and chosen yourself and have obtained a written quotation from.

Please Be Vigilant

The Parish Council have received information regarding a few break-ins, dog-nappings and burglaries in the surrounding area, together with somebody attempting to sell allegedly undelivered items from a white van parked in the village to a Parishioner.  As the Christmas season approaches please continue to be vigilant and report any concerns to the Police.

National Trading Standards Scam Team

Please see the article in the Village Magazine regarding unwanted phone calls. It is noted that this article may be of particular interest to those who are living with dementia. We are looking into whether we might be able to arrange for a member of the Scam Team to speak at a future Parish Council meeting.


Useful Contact Numbers

West Dereham Parish Council continues to monitor and receive comments and complaints regarding local recent smells and the infestation of flies affecting Parishioners’ homes over the past couple of weeks. Here are some useful contact details for enquiries and complaints.

Many parishioners have reported fly infestations in their homes affecting many living across the whole village.  Environmental Agency staff have carried out inspections of the local waste management site, allegedly the source of the problem and continue to screen the situation.
Please note that the Environment Agency Contact Details are as follows:

Environment Agency – 24 hour/7 day Hotline   0800 807060
Environment Agency – Case Manager (office hours) – 03708 506506, then option 1

If you report the problem to the Environmental Agency, please also advise the Parish Clerk that you have done so by email.

To view previous parish notices please contact the Parish Clerk via email or telephone.


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